Our Sweet Story

I first laid eyes on that hairy hunk I call Ryan when he gave a talk during Christmastime about accepting others (I think; the only thing I can really remember is the fact he had a gay friend in the story and I thought for some reason he was wealthy because he used the phrase "my office").  He was also a Sunday school teacher, and he said he first noticed me when the air conditioning in the Relief Society room was broken in the summer, and I asked if we could move class into the primary room because I was getting all sweaty in my black sweater with sequins that was completely seasonally inappropriate.

A few months later, I was made Newsletter Editor-in-Chief, and I used my new position of power to talk to Ryan again.  At church, I noticed he forgot to get a newsletter, so I speed-walked in my heels down the hall to catch up to him and give him one (when he tells this story to other people, he says I gave him a newsletter three separate times that day at church because I was so desperate to talk to him).

After church, I was waiting in the foyer for my dad to pick me up because I walked that day, but it was too hot to walk home.  Ryan sat next to me and starting talking about Bob Ross and other things that come out when he gets nervous, then started a conversation with someone else -- that's when I left because I knew he wasn't interested.  Later, I would learn that he thought I was a freak because I didn't have a car, and therefore did not know how to drive.

Later that week, he called and asked me to sub for him in Sunday school, which I embarrassingly was overenthusiastic about agreeing to, then told me he was joking and wanted to go to dinner that weekend.  I had never been asked out before, so I was a little lost and confused about what was going on.  But I said yes and that started the most wonderful adventure of our whole entire lives!

On December 16, 2011, we finally got married in the Mesa Arizona Temple -- check out our reception pictures here!  We live in our dream house, if the dream is a nightmare where the more you tear things out the more stuff you find you have to tear out, and for now we are satisfied with having kids temporarily when my siblings spend the night... OR ARE WE?